Kornelius Kirsch, certified Ratings Advisor, Chamber of Commerce

Sector ratings for hotel and gastronomy industry

A rating is the result of an appraisal process developed by a neutral agency (or bank) that specialises in corporate analysis. It is expressed as a scale of the commercial abilities and legal commitments of a company.

Ratings are used to show important creditworthiness information – as a result, banks are likely to use ratings prior to considering any loan application in the future.

The criteria set out in the rating certificate are derived from the working basis and the skill of the ratings advisor. 

As ratings advisor approved by the German Chamber of Commerce [Industrie- und Handelskammer], we are able to assist and support companies achieve a rating. Our specialist knowledge of the hotel and gastronomy sector supports our neutral assessment. 

Benefits for hoteliers:

  • Targeted preparation for meetings with rating agencies
  • Support in preparing numerical data
  • Assistance with sector-orientated portrayals of the company
  • Avoiding "below value" depictions
  • Expertise in selecting rating agencies to ensure a fair and objective rating
  • Specialist recommendations for improvement in view of preparing for a rating
  • Sector expertise in preparing rating documentation 

Quality management is a proven basis for a positive rating!


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