Implementing a QM for an individual company, hotel group, marketing group or partnership

A coach is on hand to assist not only with the development but also with improvements (TQM) and the installation while all the measures are being implemented within the company.

  1. Following an initial visit from one of our consultants, a paper will be drawn up on the basis of ISO 9000-2000 to set out the implementation. The paper shall contain details of the fundamental processes within the company:
    1. Responsibity of corporate management
    2. Resources (tools)
    3. Basic process of each department, orientated towards the philosophy of the company and/or the hotel group or partnership
  1. Brief training and coaching relating to the individual processes with an employee of the company – implementation assistance and results analysis.
  2. Individual module, e. g. reception as a process. This requires basic process described in 1. a) and b) to have been worked out in advance.
  3. The time frame is geared towards the size of the company and is discussed on an individual basis. For full-scale hotels, approx. 12-14 months; modules may reduce the time required.
  4. Specially adapted software can be used to produce documentation and a handbook.
  5. The aim of QM measures is to help companies operating in the catering and hospitaty sector: make fewer errors as a result of secure, defined and quick processes; reduce costs; ensure a focus on guests through differentiation; gain market share; and improve competitiveness.

Additional advantages:

  • By developing a QM: Save time and money with a ready-made handbook
  • Useful in persuading banks
    Basis for ratings
  • Achieve: "What I always wanted to change."
  • Continual updating of standards through regular audits
  • Different to others – with ISO certification or a proprietary hallmark of excellence (partnership)
  • Security in knowing that your own philosophy, and that of a partner, is put into practice
  • Group certification


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